A Retrograde Look At Star Wars: Republic Commando

Here’s a look at why Star Wars Republic Commando is so fondly remembered by Star Wars fans.

Star Wars Republic Commando introduced the tactical shooter genre in a galaxy far, far away, albeit it briefly much to everyone’s disappointment. Though not as in-depth as say the Rainbow Six games, Republic Commando held its own as a fun, fast-paced strategic shooter. Originally inspired by the book series of the same name by Karen Traviss, the characters featured in the game had quirky characteristics and the chemistry between them led to some fun banter.

The Republic Commandos have had an impact on Star Wars as the characters have been briefly featured in The Clone Wars animated series and there is a Republic Commando in the latest Battlefront game.

The Game

The game was your standard tactical shooter though it really paid homage to Star Wars in every way it possibly could have. The way the inner edges of the Clone’s helmet filled the screen added to the atmosphere and the characters were entertaining and likable.


This game is in dire need of a remaster. The shooting mechanics were on point and the order system was pretty straight forward with directional hotkeys. The story had players going in behind enemy lines to destroy the enemies from within. This led to shootouts where Delta Squad was heavily outnumbered, but this wasn’t an issue for Clone Commandos…

The Commandos

From their ominous blue glow in their visors to their bulky armour, these guys are not people you want to mess with. It’s no surprise that their design has featured in the latest Battlefront game as they were heavily requested by fans. There’s something about these guys that screams badass from head-to-toe. The game built a legacy that is still having ripples through the Star Wars franchise, especially where the Clone Wars is featured. I really hope the modern games pays them more mind in future.