A Retrograde Look At Star Wars Battlefront: Battlefront (2015)

A quick look back at the Star Wars Battlefront (2015) reboot.

So, after EA got the rights to the Star Wars IP, it was no surprise that the minds behind the iconic Battlefield franchise, DICE, quickly got to work on reviving the Battlefront series. With The Force Awakens being due for release in the same year and all parties looking to capitalise on the hype, the game ended up feeling rushed and quite void of much content.

Upon release, it seemed to be a pale shadow of the two original games. It has sadly gone down as the least loved in the franchise and mostly because it felt like a demo of sorts of what could have been.


The Lack of Content

Everyone can agree that this game was a rushed product due to being a tie into the new movie at the time of its release. As a result, it felt a little bland. The game only featured content from the Galactic Civil War era and only offered run-of-the-mill game modes. There wasn’t even space combat until later updates. It was fun for a while but after a few sessions, the sheer lack of substance started to sink in.

battlefront 2015.jpg

But It Wasn’t All Bad

The game brought Battlefront to the modern gaming scene with updated graphics and gunplay. It looked and sounded good and after some updates and DLC, it felt a little meatier than it was initially (though it still lacked much of what the older games had.)

In terms of graphics and gunplay, it was a step up. In terms of content, it was a step-down. It made sense though as the devs had to slap it together before the new movie dropped and at the time, it served its purpose. It hyped us up for Star Wars again and maybe that was all it was supposed to do.

It wasn’t long until the next instalment would arrive which is where things got a little complicated…