A Look At The Evil Dead Franchise: Ash vs Evil Dead

Our final venture into the Evil Dead Franchise.

Well, kids, we’re here. At the end of the road with chainsaw in hand and broomstick at the ready. Put on the Deep Purple and listen up. This rodeo is about to end. What I am about to introduce you to will not only change your life but it’ll change your soul for the better or worse…that’s subjective. This is Ash vs Evil Dead: a wild and crazy TV series that acted as a sequel to the original Evil Dead trilogy that saw the return of Bruce Campbell as the iconic Ash Williams, along with a fun supporting cast of characters.

Hail The King

Fans rejoiced when they caught wind of this series and they lost their minds when Bruce Campbell revealed his involvement. When I first heard about it I was in an old cabin with 1970s inspired interior design on an isolated beach on the south island of New Zealand, which was where the series was set to be filmed. (The irony of this is not lost on me.)

The series is utter chaos. Bruce Campbell has not lost his charm after all of these years and not only did it capture the slapstick dark humour of the second film but it took it to a new level. It balanced scary scenes with cool action perfectly and is simply just one hell of a joy to watch.



With callbacks to the original movies and even guest appearances from some of the original actors (besides Campbell), the series really hit every nail on the head. It has everything I loved from the second movie and then some. The gore this time around was insane.

Sadly, it only lasted three seasons. Perhaps, if it had been put on a streaming service like Netflix, it would have done better than it did on a TV network like Starz. It does feel like it would be a better fit for the streaming service scene.

Hopefully, the series get resurrected sometime in future but it seems unlikely. Thankfully, the three seasons we have are out of this world and really drive my love for the franchise as a whole home.

ash-vs-evil-dead 2.jpg

Evil Dead has been a big part in my life. My gaming username was inspired by these films. If I could sum up the entire franchise in one word, it would have to be the iconic phrase by Ash Williams when he strapped on his chainsaw hand for the first time (and then again in Ash vs Evil Dead)…