Beast Kingdom – Egg Attack Showcase

A look at some bizarre figures by Beast Kingdom

Beast Kingdom’s Egg Attack line is quite a fun little venture. The six-inch figures come with abnormally large heads on top of smaller bodies, hence their name. Recently, Beast Kingdom has started expanding on this line by creating clothed figures. These next few reveals seem to highlight exactly how much effort and resources they are putting into the line after their very successful Wolverine and Cyclops figures, which also featured articulated eyes.

Keeping true to the superhero theme, the following figures offer characters from both Marvel and DC Comics. These figures will hit some readers with nostalgia, which is never a bad thing in my opinion.

Deadpool (With Scooter)

This is a re-release of a previous figure from the line but this time instead of being covered in plastic, Deadpool comes with a material outfit. He also comes with an interchangeable head which shows his grisly unmasked face (with articulated eyes) as well as boxer shorts for alternate legs.

I’m not entirely sure how the legs will work but the boxers look like real cloth. Deadpool also comes with interchangeable eyes for his masked head which looks really cute. Other than weapons, he also comes with his iconic red scooter and some swappable hands. Expect this guy’s box to be pretty big.

Deadpool egg

Batman (The Animated Series)

One of my favourite cartoons is Batman: The Animated Series, so of course, these next offerings from Beast Kingdom will appeal to me.

First up is Batman with interchangeable eyes and mouths as well as a fabric cape. What’s even more exciting is the fact that his eyes light up, which is really cool! He also comes with the typical Batman goodies as well.


Joker (The Animated Series)

Last but not least is the Joker. He also comes as a clothed figure with swappable heads as well as a whole lot of little gadgets that he uses to terrorise the good people of Gotham. His facial expressions look really good and he looks like a lot of fun as well.


These figures aren’t for everyone and it’s no secret that clothed figures have hindered articulation in the past but if you are interested, keep an eye on Amazon for their release, which is slated for next year sometime. Just be warned, they may bit a little pricy.