The Sonic Movie’s Redesign is Fan Service.

It’s rare that studios listen to fans but when they do, sometimes it turns out well.

It’s not often that big film studios actually listen to a franchise’s fan base. After that awful Sonic the Hedgehog trailer which saw backlash over the famed Hedgehog’s design was released, Paramount decided to not only delay the upcoming film but also to invest a lot of money in redesigning him. Their efforts were met with praise from the fans and moviegoers alike after they released a new trailer recently.


Why We Love Sonic

For me, it’s because he’s cute. I grew up with the video games and the cartoon series. I liked how weird and cute the character looked. Hedgehogs aren’t fast creatures, yet here was a blue one running around like DC’s Flash.

Sonic is one of the most iconic video game characters in history and was around when video games were first starting to seep their way into households. So, it’s reasonable to say that due to his place in gaming history, Sonic fans would like to retain some of their childhood memories by not seeing him be butchered in modern cinema.

New Design.jpg

The Old Design

That old design is hard to look at. It looked way too humanoid and made many fans feel uncomfortable simply because it really looked like it was a result of some horror movie that involved bestiality (Gross, right) I’ll just leave the original trailer down below so you can look at it if you dare…

Now, This is Sonic The Hedgehog!

When I saw the thumbnail for the new trailer, I got really excited. The new design is true to the video games and it makes the movie look a whole lot more fun. Seeing Jim Carry as the evil Mr. Robotnik is a joy and I’m glad to see him in the boots of another slapstick humour-like role. The new trailer, as linked below, gives us new hope for the film and I think we as fans owe it to the team behind the movie to support it when it comes out.

Yes, this should have been the initial design from the get-go. But how often do movie studios actually listen to community feedback and invest the time and money to fix the movie up and make it the best it can be? These days studios like ignoring the fans then blaming the fans when the movie flops. So, it is refreshing to see Paramount deal with the issue in this manner.