A Look At The Evil Dead Franchise Part II Evil Dead II (1987)

A look at the second installment in this iconic horror movie franchise.

Arguably, the best movie in the franchise, Evil Dead II was a soft reboot and sequel to the first one. Due to copyright issues, Sam Raimi had to retcon some events from the first film. So, he dedicated the opening of the sequel to changing a few details from the first film as well as recapping what happened. This time, the protagonist, Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) went up with his girlfriend to the cabin in the woods without the company of their friends like in the original. After a brief introduction, viewers found themselves right where the last movie left off but this time they were in store for something different.

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This time around the tone had changed from being a serious horror to a sort of dark horror comedy instead. This movie plays differently to the last. It makes fun of itself yet still delivers that shock and awe in the gore department, only in a humorous way. From a severed possessed hand showing middle fingers at people to watching furniture laugh like maniacs, the tone of this movie makes it the most fun you could have during Halloween.


It has been accepted by fans that Bruce Campbell is a legend. A big chunk of this film just features him alone on set acting with himself as his character slowly loses his mind that eventually builds up to one of the most iconic scenes in horror history – ‘the laughing scene’. I really don’t want to spoil it but this scene alone makes this entire franchise what it is.


On the other hand, I have never seen an actor act out a fight with himself like Bruce Campbell pulled off. The slapstick humour changed the entire tone of the franchise for the better. This movie has such an impact on me that it was the inspiration for my nickname.

The makeup and prosthetics were heavily dialled up with this one while the franchise’s lore really found its feet with the introduction of new characters that helped establish the lore behind the infamous Necronomicon.

I can’t place my finger on it but there’s something about a group of characters held up in a small building while they fend off against the evils banging down their door that just makes me really engrossed in the story.

Evil Dead II

Evil Dead II is considered a hallmark in horror history. I cannot recommend it enough to anyone that’s interested in this wild, crazy ride.