Dragon Age 4 Release Is Still Far Away

EA has confirmed that we may not see Dragon Age 4 until 2022.

The Dragon Age series is well-known for its memorable storytelling and characters despite it being five years since the last installment was released. While Dragon Age 4 was announced last year, no release date was provided although many speculated that it may come out soon. However, during a recent earnings call, publisher EA stated that the new BioWare game will not come out until after 2022.

Dragon Age 4 was revealed at last year’s Game Awards with a short teaser trailer. The game was highly-anticipated despite very little information about the title being provided. The idea that the game only has a planned release year of 2022 suggests that it may still be in the early development stages. It was previously reported that the title may have been rebooted with a new planned release for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Project Scarlett.

It’s likely that EA did not think that they would encounter such a need for a huge delay in the development process, or else the publisher may have not announced the game so early.

Another factor hindering the upcoming title could be the rough launch of Anthem keeping developer BioWare busy. The game has been plagued with controversies and terrible behind the scenes drama which the development studio is still trying to deal with.

We haven’t seen a new Dragon Age game since 2014’s Dragon Age: Inquisitionwhich was well-received and proved to be a commercial success. BioWare may want to take their time with a sequel to ensure that the game doesn’t get the same reception Anthem did on release.