This is Lakeview Valley

We take a quick look at the sequel to Lakeview Cabin Collection; Lakeview Valley!

In a previous article, I went over why fans of the horror genre should look up a little indie game called Lakeview Cabin Collection. Well, while I was hunting down pictures for that article, I came across the surprise sequel dubbed Lakeview Valley which changes the game completely but in a good way as it is its own standalone experience. Now, I haven’t played the game, so this isn’t a review; it’s just me pointing out why I am super excited about it.

A Murder RPG

At first glance, this game sounds a lot like the infamous Postal 2. Players are free to explore the world of Lakeview Valley and do what they want. They can be peaceful and just keep to themselves or just go on a killing spree and see how long they can go without getting caught.

The game takes the sandbox style of the first to a whole new level judging by what it’s all about and offers multiple endings and various playstyles. Even the police will investigate any crimes, so players will have to be smart about their evil deeds.

Lakeview Valley locals.png

Home Renovation

Players will be able to renovate their own home to make them look decent among their victims…I mean neighbours. But according to the description, it mentions “update your surroundings to impress your neighbours or gain a strategic edge…”. This sounds scary but in a good way.

The valley.jpg

Sandbox Horror

With the mention of a narrative quest involving a dead girl and a dark creature that lurks about at night in addition to giving players so many tools to mess around with, Lakeview Valley looks to be everything the original game was and more. However, this time the game provides players with more freedom to satisfy their morbid curiosities.

This game is a criminology major’s wet dream (and I know this because when I mentioned it to a friend who is studying criminology she got really excited and started drooling at the mouth.) Lakeview Valley is currently out on Steam and while the first game allowed players to see what they would do if they were the victims in a slasher movie set, this one allows players to see what they would do if they were the killer.

Lakeview Valley bus.jpg

Now, if you’d excuse me, I heard a strange noise coming from within the house. I’m going to go check it out quick…