Fortnitemares Overview

We take a look at the return of the Fortnitemares event!

Every Halloween, Fortnite delivers a spooky update to the game. Last year saw the storyline of the cube unfold, which ended up causing the map to be invaded by ‘Cube Monsters’. This year, players are treated to the big Storm King event, which has players fighting off a giant monster. It’s really difficult but a lot of fun. Alongside that is the creative mode featured maps, these user-made maps can be played to earn rewards like a ton of seasonal XP and some cosmetics.

Frights Galore

While playing the vanilla modes, players will get a nasty surprise in the form of zombie soccer players that jump out of furniture and attack players. This startled me the first time it happened and it really puts the fright in fright night.

Fortnitemares 2.jpg

The Storm King

The main event is the Limited Time Mode dubbed, The Storm King. A PVE event that pits a medium team of players (about sixteen players) against the ferocious Storm King seen in the Save the World portion of the game.

This has players confined to a small part of the map where they have to shoot weak points shown on the giant monsters. When each point is destroyed, players have to destroy his horns that become vulnerable to attack. This isn’t easy though as the Storm King spawns in endless hordes of the dreaded Cube Monsters.

It gets chaotic really fast, which makes it even more fun and the mode can net players some exclusive Fortniemares Rewards, like the new victory umbrella.


Cursed Creative

The Cursed Creative event features some fun user-made maps and games that players can play to earn even more rewards. These highlight some of the best community-made maps and involve a Dungeon Crawler style map as a spooky-themed Prop Hunt map.

This is all a limited-time event, so players who want to make the most out of it should jump in as soon as they can. Happy Halloween!