Fortnite Leaked Skins (V11.10)

A quick look at some of the recently leaked Fortnite skins.

Another week means another content drop for Fortnite and so well-known leakers like @Hypex have been hard at work dropping whatever they can find in the game’s files. There are some really cool skins this week, with some being outright scary  for the spooky season. So, I hope you have been saving your V-Bucks because these are the leaked skins from patch V11.10.

Trench Raider

“Under the waves and out for vengeance”

This season continues with a water theme. Multiple skins have featured water-themed characters, which makes sense as swimming was one of the biggest features with the launch of Chapter 2. Trench Raider looks like the typical tropical spy akin to something from GI Joe, which seems to be the base of inspiration for this season.

Trench Raider.png

Surf Rider

“Protect the beaches…”

Sticking with the water theme (there’s still more) is Surf Rider. She looks like the female counterpart to Trench Raider as seen above, which keeps to the tropical spy theme.

Surf Rider.png

Wake Rider

“Conquer the coast”

Looking more like a villain than the other two, Wake Rider looks like a motocross rider and a scuba diver had a baby. He looks like the type that could handle a jet-ski while shooting quite well.

Wake Rider.jpg


“The city is her playground”

This character is a reskin of an older character named Waypoint. This is becoming a frequent thing that players are taking issue with as these could easily be added styles to the original characters but instead, they are completely new characters. Despite the annoyance, it seems reskins are a frequent thing now.



“He’s one scrappy little tree”

We’ve had humanoid bananas and fish as well as a humanoid body of sludge. So, there’s no surprise that we now have a humanoid tree and he looks really cute. I can see this skin being popular among players.



“The future is witchy”

Starting off with more Halloween-themed skins is Hemlock. She comes with two styles and an emote. She does add to the whole scare factor.


“Bounty Hunter from beyond the grave”

For those who like Ghost cowboys, Deadeye is for you. He looks really badass and comes with two styles, one with his hat on and another with his hat off. But he’ll cost you 2000 V-bucks.


Peely Bones


So, apparently bananas not only have bones but have intestines too (unless that’s his brain which will be the smartest vulgar pun I’ve seen for a long time). The first time I saw this skin I had to take a moment to process it. Be warned; it will give you nightmares and you’ll never be able to eat a banana in peace ever again.


And on that note, happy Halloween!