Rumor: Horizon Zero Down To Get A PSVR Version

A recent rumor suggests that Horizon Zero Dawn may be getting a VR experience.

Virtual reality has changed the way we play and view games. One of the most popularly available VR systems is the PlayStation VR (PSVR). While PSVR has seen its fair share of games, arguably, none could really be labelled as a system seller. Well, according to a new rumor, one of the console’s biggest exclusives may be getting a VR experience; Horizon Zero Dawn.

The news comes from VR Focus who cited Callum Hurley (a VR industry veteran) who recently hinted in a tweet that Horizon Zero Dawn could be getting a VR mode. He also suggests that it may be developed by London Studio, who have previously worked on VR projects, such as Blood & Truth.

This would not be the first Sony property to receive an additional VR experience after the fact. Supermassive Games survival horror Until Dawn received two VR spinoffs in the form of Until Dawn: Rush of Blood and The Inpatient. It is possible that this new game may be planned for the PlayStation 5, and the potential VR headset that may accompany the upcoming console rather than a port of or to the old game.

It would be amazing to explore Horizon Zero Dawn’s world in VR as Guerilla Games certainly did make it beautiful. Sony definitely wants to increase its VR presence and a title such as this may definitely help in boosting sales.