Fortnite Halloween Skins Leak (V 11.01)

We take a look at the terrifyingly cool leaked 2019 Halloween skins in Fortnite!

Halloween is the most-anticipated time of the year for Fortnite players as. This is the time when their famous and highly-sought after Halloween-themed skins arrive in the item shop and only come out during this spooky time of the year. This year Epic Games has outdone themselves with their Halloween-themed skins. From a hulking mass of teeth and tongue to a mummified cowboy-looking character, there’s enough to tickle the fancy of the players who are drawn to these monstrous characters. I already know who I’m getting this year! If you’re not so sure, then take a gander down below to see what’s coming.

These leaks come courtesy of @Hypex on Twitter.


“Life’s chewy when you’re born to chomp…”

This thing looks pretty cool and scary at the same time. With those chompers that stand out, it’s hard not to imagine that the majority of players will be drawn to this weird-looking monster this spooky season.


Chaos Agent

“Undermine the order from the shadows…”

For those who prefer more class to their Halloween cosplays, Chaos Agent is a mix between a bank robber and the dreaded ‘Slenderman’. Personally, he looks a little plain,which isn’t a bad thing, but I prefer my scary characters to have a lot more weirdness to them.


Big Mouth

“Seeking victory beneath mints and souls”

Just look at this thing! A hulking body of mass with a massive mouth, big teeth and a long tongue! This is no doubt going to haunt the dreams of many players!

Big mouth.jpg


“Warden of the Underworld”

This is the skin I’m getting. If I could afford more I’d get some of the others on this list too but seeing as though I can only get one it will have to be a cowboy mummy. This guy looks mean and badass all wrapped up. He also has different colours, which is pretty cool.



“Don’t worry, it’s only a nightmare…”

Does anyone like some sort of pagan witch doctor? Because that’s what you’re getting in this character and he looks really cool too!



“She’s playing the most delicious game”

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a Goth girl. And it wouldn’t be Fortnite if said Goth girl wasn’t a trained mercenary.


Now all we have to do is wait for these characters to hit the item shop, which will be any day now. Are you grabbing any?