Rumour: Blizzard To Announce Overwatch 2 Very Soon

A recent leak suggests that Blizzard will announce Overwatch 2 at BlizzCon 2019.

It seems that Blizzard is planning to make this a very memorable BlizzCon if a recent rumour is to be believed. The rumour states that Blizzard is going to announce Overwatch 2 on 1 November, and more interestingly, that it’ll release for current and next-gen consoles. While this rumour isn’t new and has been floating around for a while, it does comes from a somewhat reliable source this time.

Twitch streamer Metro is claiming that Blizzard will be announcing the game at the convention, and that there will be some major gameplay changes to the formula. One of the biggest changes will be the addition of a PvE mode, alongside the usual multiplayer mode. As for the PvP mode, it seems that big gameplay adaptions are imminent, which is why Blizzard is naming this a sequel and not an expansion.

The developer will also supposedly be adding in a leveling system for heroes, which will impact how you’ll play a given hero. The leak also says that they won’t be announcing any new heroes as they are focused on getting the sequel out. It will allegedly be announced with a cinematic trailer and no gameplay shown.

Although this could all be just another rumour, Metro has previously leaked Overwatch information which turned out to be true. Another one of his claims about the upcoming BlizzCon 2019 is that Diablo 4 will also be announced. If this all turns out to be real, it could be one of the most memorable BlizzCon’s in awhile. 

Blizzard is looking to go all out for this year’s BlizzCon and making sure to give gamers what they want (which could be just an attempt to get back in the green side of publicity but who knows.) BlizzCon is set to take place on 1 November.

Would you be excited for an Overwatch 2?