Rumour: Diablo 4 And Diablo 2 Remastered To Be Announced Next Month

New rumors suggest that Blizzard may announce Diablo 4 at BlizzCon 2019.

At last year’s BlizzCon, Blizzard announced a new Diablo game. Normally, this would be met with a lot of fanfare but not this time. After teasing Diablo 4 for the event, Blizzard instead announced Diablo: Immortal; a mobile game. This didn’t please all too many fans who were left unhappy with the announcement and the new direction the series was taking. However, if recent leaks are to be believed, Blizzard may be planning on rectifying their mistake, and officially announcing Diablo 4 as well as a Diablo 2 remaster at this year’s event.

According to Twitch streamer Metro, an unnamed source has revealed that Diablo 4 will be announced at BlizzCon this year, alongside a remaster of Diablo 2. Although Metro didn’t divulge any other information, there is some credibility as the source did correctly leak information about Overwatch’s hero Ashe before last year’s event. 

As with all leaks, take this information with a grain of salt. It is important to note though  that a recent listing for an art book called “The Art of Diablo” also points to a potential Diablo 4 announcement. The book is set to release on 3 November, which is shortly after BlizzCon 2019. This comes after an ad was spotted in a German magazine called GameStar, which states that the book will feature art from Diablo, Diablo 2, Diablo 3, and Diablo 4.

All this evidence points to the announcement of Diablo 4 at Blizzcon. Although Blizzard has yet to announce the game, they have confirmed that it is in development.

This announcement may give Blizzard some much needed good publicity. The publisher has been in a PR nightmare following a controversy surrounding their political views. This may be the right time for them to announce a game that everyone has been waiting for to deviate attention.

Do you think Blizzard will announce Diablo 4 at BlizzCon 2019?