Possible PlayStation 5 Controller Patent Reveals Potential New Feature

Sony has filed a patent for a new feature that may be for the PS5 controller.

Sony is looking to introduce some major changes with their next-generation console; the PlayStation 5. Some of these changes involve the new systems controller. One possible new feature was recently revealed through a patent discovered by German website Techtastic, and points to a major change in how the controller will operate. If this patent actually comes to fruition, we’ll see the controller operate much like that of the upcoming Google Stadia.

The patent was filed a few weeks ago with the World Intellectual Property Organization, and shows an image of a controller connecting to an online server rather than a console. The patent reads, “The controller device communicates directly to an access device for connection to a network that connects the controller device to the server without connecting to a client device.” The patent doesn’t directly state a controller but a “controller device”, which means that it could be entirely unrelated to the PS5 controller.

Even though Sony did file a patent for such a device, it doesn’t mean that it will ever see the light of day. Many hardware makers file patents all the time, and many of them never actually make it to shelves. It is at least interesting to see that Sony is toying around with new ideas.

If the new design is not connected to the PS5, it might be connected to one of Sony’s other services, such as PS Now. Cloud gaming has been a big buzzword in the industry lately, and it is unsurprising to see hardware producers exploring the idea.

With tech demos, backwards compatibility, and dev kits in the hands of developers, Sony seems to have some big plans for their upcoming console. The patent filing may just been another in a very long list.

What do you think of the patent for the controller?