New Fortnite Skin Leaks

We take a look at some of the recently leaked skins in Fortnite.

It’s no surprise that a few skin leaks came out alongside the big new update for Fortnite. I’ll be honest; these skins are making it harder to save for whatever Epic Games has in store for Halloween, which is right around the corner. Looking is free, at least! Character designs keep getting better, and I can’t help but see the action figure potential, which is why I love skins like this. So, without further ado…

Grim Fable

“Once upon a time…”

…there was an amazing skin named Grim Fable (See what I did there?) This skin is just out of this world. Not only is she a total badass but she comes with two styles, one is of her with a wolf skin hood (is that Dire? The Chapter 1 Season Six level hundred skin?) and the other style is of her un-hooded with buns. She even comes with a headband too, similar to the infamous werewolf. She looks really cool and she is tempting me to forget about saving for Halloween altogether. But…I…must…resist…

Grim Fable.png


“Scuff up your boots…”

This is going to be a popular skin. Who doesn’t like a cute cowgirl in their video games? This character will no doubt be a try-hard skin but that’s fine, she looks really cool. She reminds me of a country singer. I’m hoping she is given the action figure treatment simply because she looks so different from other characters.



“One Broken Bear…”

Another version of the classic Cuddle Team Leader skin comes in the form of Snuggs. We’ve had Cuddle Team Leader, the pink murderous bear, Fireworks Team Leader, the American flag version, Panda Team Leader, which was the panda-themed one and Spooky Team Leader, the rotten zombie version. This time we have Snuggs; an even scarier looking version of the skin. That busted out eye socket just adds to the scary appeal of this character.




“Round em’ up and get movin’”

One of the simpler skins is Wrangler. He looks like a fishermen/outdoorsmen. There’s not much else to say about him. There are players that prefer the simpler skins but this one feels too simple compared to the others in my opinion.


Will you be grabbing any of these skins? Let us know below.