Fortnite Chapter 2 | Season 1 Battle Pass Overview

Here is a look at what players can look forward to seeing in Fortnite’s first Chapter 2 battle pass.

Fortnite’s battle pass is back and with some changes. Battlestars from the previous seasons are gone and instead, players have to earn XP to level up, which they earn by playing matches, farming objectives within matches like making it to the top 50, and by completing a weekly set of objectives. We have been told this makes it less grindy but we’ll see how true that is near the end of the season.

It does make it more fun though as we see our progression in-game. And players want to level up their battle pass, especially since the new skins are quite cool. There seems to be an alter-ego/good vs bad theme going on as each character has what appears to be a good variant and a bad variant, which is quite interesting…

Turk vs Riptide

The first skin comes in the form of Turk and Riptide. Turk seems to be a humble fisherman while Slade Wilson, I mean, Riptide, seems to be a leader of some sort of sea unit. They look really cool though everyone is raving about the Riptide variant due to the fact that he looks a lot like a certain DC Comics character.

Journey vs Hazard

These two characters look like rival mountain climbers with Journey showing off a lighter pink colour scheme while Hazard sports a black and green scheme. Not as exciting as the other characters but I’ve seen lots of players use this skin so people seem to like it.

Rippley vs Sludge

An instant fan favourite and most adorable character this season, Rippley is a blue humanoid body of goo while Sludge is his evil red counterpart. This is just another example of how crazy Fortnite’s character designs can get.

Remedy vs Toxin

A squad is only as good as its medic. Remedy fills that role as a cool combat ready-looking field medic while her evil counterpart, Toxin, looks more like an advocate for biological weapons than anything else. I’ll admit, Remedy is cool and all but Toxin will be my style once I unlock this skin. It must be all the green…


8-Ball vs Scratch

Snake Eyes! The best GI Joe…oh wait, this is Fortnite…ahm…8-Ball! The new best ninja character in Fortnite lore! Seriously, how can you not see the famous GI Joe character when taking a look at this guy? And, if that wasn’t enough, his alter-ego, Scratch looks a lot like the GI Joe villain Storm Shadow. Or, maybe it’s just me. Either way, below are shots of the characters in-game compared to the GI Joe characters so you can decide for yourself.

Cameo vs Chic

I honestly don’t know what to say about these characters. One’s a party girl, while the other is edgy? I’m not sure, anyway, here they are below.


The only character with no alter-ego and rather just different styles, Fusion is the level hundred character and he looks really sinister. He looks like some sort of ninja that had an experiment done to him to turn him into whatever he is now. Just look how evil this guy looks below!

And that’s the new battle pass. If this battle pass is anything to go by, this new chapter is off to a good start!