Fortnite Chapter 2 Has Arrived!

A new era has dawned for Fortnite, so let’s take a look at what has changed.

Last Sunday, we saw the end of Fortnite as the map was destroyed and the game was put in limbo for nearly two days, which was insane enough to make world news. It was a risky and unorthodox move from Epic Games. Never before has a game shut down their servers as a narrative tool but it clearly paid off. Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 has launched with a brand new map, a new battlepass and some mechanics like swimming and fishing. It’s an exciting time for fans of the game as the next iteration of Fortnite graces our screens.

It’s A Whole New World…

It was clear to see that the old map was getting a little stale. One of the highlights of each season has always been the events and the map changes that shook up the experience. But by the end of Season 9, there was very little left to do with the map.

Season X’s map change was basically a highlight reel on all the previous locations that had come and gone. This new Chapter boasts a larger map with lots of riverways, multiple towns and some interesting locations as well as enhanced graphics. The map is really exciting because it allows players to take the time to familiarise themselves with it.

There are tons of secrets and Easter Eggs scattered around, which players are only starting to uncover. I can’t wait to see how this map changes over time as each season undoubtedly brings new features.( I have my suspicion that a certain dam wall’s days are numbered.)

From snowy peaks to a swamp, tropical beachfront and a Power Plant, there’s a lot to see on this map and it has thrown the fan base into a frenzy and rejuvenated Fortnite as a whole.

New World.jpg

Dive into Chapter 2

Another feature is swimming. There is a lot of water on this map and players are able to swim for the first time in Fortnite history. In typical Fortnite fashion, players are able to jump like dolphins while swimming but if that’s too slow, the new vehicle this season is a boat. It’s a lot of fun to zip around river bends while another boat chases you down. It’s added a whole new dynamic to the game.

I’d like to see the older land vehicles return like the Golf Cart and the Quad Crasher four-wheeler. Though a lot of players have agreed that the off-road SUV cars found across the map will be a nice addition too. These cars can just be harvested for metal for the time being but I can see something similar to them being implemented as a drivable vehicle in future.

Another thing that came out of this launch was the inclusion of upcoming artist, Konata Small’s song, Ruckus. It was not only included in the cinematic trailer for the new Chapter but also played while players dropped into their first match (which was such a nice feature). In addition, it also has its own emote to unlock with the battle pass. It’s nice that Epic Games used an upcoming artist’s song during such a hype-inducing event.

The next chapter of Fortnite has blown everything out of the water. This is a new era for the game and it’ll be exciting to see how it unfolds in future.