Bluepoint Games Is Working On A “Big’’ PS5 Game

Bluepoint Games has revealed that they are working on an upcoming PS5 game.

We already know that the PlayStation 5 is on its way, and we have an idea of the kind of hardware we can expect it to feature. However, if there’s one thing we don’t know anything about, it is what sort of games we can look forward to playing. Bluepoint Games (one of Sony’s first-party studios) recently added to speculation after revealing that they are currently working on a PS5 game, even if they did not reveal much else.

In an interview with Wired, President of Bluepoint Games, Marco Thrush stated that the studio is working on a game for the upcoming console, saying “We’re working on a big one right now. I’ll let you figure out the rest.” With pretty much no details about the upcoming title provided, players have been left to wonder. There is some speculation that it could be a Demon Souls remake, which has been rumored for months, although it could also be a completely new game.

Bluepoint Games is mostly known for remastering or remaking classic PlayStation games for newer consoles. Their most recent effort was the Shadow of the Colossus remake for PS4. Their other works include Gravity Rush Remastered and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection.

This is the first time that a Sony studio has confirmed that they are working on a PS5 game. It was already known that developers are working on games for the system as Sony has issued PS5 dev kits. Gran Turismo Sport has already been ported to the PS5 with the aims of making use of the new features of system’s accompanying Dualshock controller, and there are a few other tech demos available too.

It’s unsurprising that Sony already has their first-party studios developing a load of new games for their next-generation system. All we can do is wait for them to reveal what exactly they are. The PlayStation 5 is set to release sometime towards the end of 2020.