A Look at New McFarlane Fortnite Figure Reveals

A look at some of McFarlane Toys’ new Fortnite figure reveals!

With the current state of Fortnite…well…gone, at least fans of the franchise can gawk at some new reveals of McFarlane Toys’ upcoming Fortnite figures. It might help pass the time until something happens in the game.

It would also seem that the leak from a few months ago turned out to be completely true, and the reveals are in fact most of the characters that were said to be coming. This means that we may still see some of the other characters leaked come in future, which is very exciting. But alas, here are the figure reveals.


The demon bunny himself! Stealing carrots and murdering others as he hops along with his elegant P90 submachine gun. This character is a lot of fun to play with (and take photos of), so I’m really happy to see him get the McFarlane treatment.

It looks like he has no torso crunch though; either that or it is hidden under a soft plastic. We’ll have to wait and see, either way, this figure looks awesome. Just look at his cute murder bunny slippers! I’m sure a lot of collectors want him badly!


Beastmode Jackal

This character shows how varied the Fortnite characters are. We’ve had army characters, we’ve had characters dressed up as bears and dinosaurs and we’ve had a werewolf. We’re also getting a demon bunny, a humanoid banana, and a robot. It seems McFarlane is going to carry on with the latter with their take on Beastmode-Jack.

This character has varied styles in the game based off other animals but this Jackal one stands out to me most because of his colour and Mohawk. He also comes with a minigun. So, for collectors who want a colourful kitbashed junk robot, this figure is for you!

Beastmode Jackal.jpg


McFarlane Toys has also tried to bring some of the vehicles and gliders featured in the game to their line, which has been met with much success as the characters can actually clip onto these things.

The addition of the Frostwing Glider will be a nice set piece for display. I’m not entirely sure how much articulation it will have but it’ll be interesting to see once it releases. Also, it is an ice wyvern, who doesn’t want one of those on their shelf?


Are you picking up any of these? Let us know!