Red Dead Online Frontier Pursuits Review: The Collector

A very quick look into the Collector role in Red Dead Online update Frontier Pursuits.

The addition of the Bounty Hunter and Trader roles in Red Dead Online were somewhat expected. When the addition of the two roles was announced, players were excited but not surprised that Rockstar Games decided to go with that route. But when it comes to the Collector Role, the community was blindsided, mostly because it was so ambiguous and unexpected.

The Collector role has added a whole new, welcome dynamic to Red Dead Online, which, out of the three roles, compliments the game the most.

Red Dead map.jpg

Sights to See

The world of Red Dead is a beautiful one. This game breaks boundaries with not only the visual aspect but the realism aspect to world-building. There are so many things to see and areas to explore with diverse biomes ranging from dry deserts to dense swamps.

The Collector Role compliments this nicely as the entire role requires players to go out and look for rare items like wildflowers and tarot cards for example. The role is all about exploring and wandering off the beaten path to places hidden away from the naked eye. It’s a lot of fun and out of the three roles, this one is the most relaxed and slow-paced, which is nice.


There’s Gold in Them Hills!

Players will have to cough up an investment of fifteen gold to get involved with the Collector Role but it is so worth it. There is so much money to be made with this role either in the form of selling entire collections for a large sum (which takes time to get) or by selling your common doubles for a quick cash injection.

Players can buy maps that lead them to hidden items but it’s when the metal detector is unlocked that the role really turns into a blast. The metal detector flashes and spins the closer players get to a hidden item and it rewards intuition as well. (Pro Tip: Explore the shores of rivers and lakes while holding the metal detector).

I really hope this role is expanded on and we can find more rare items in future as it is a lot of fun riding with friends from location to location, picking up what we uncover along the way.

This role has surprised a lot of players who were hesitant about it at first but once they got into it they enjoyed it. Hopefully, Rockstar is collecting all the good ideas their community is giving them via feedback for some good updates..