Red Dead Online Frontier Pursuits Review: How Rockstar Found Its Niche With Role-Playing

Red Dead Online’s role-playing makes the game so fun to play.

Bounty hunters be hunting, traders be trading and collectors be collecting. Rockstar Games has really brought Red Dead Online out of its shell with the Frontier Pursuits update. It has its problems though; one being a major game-breaking problem that I’ll get to in a minute but first let’s look at how this update has turned Red Dead Online into something really special.

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Life in The Wild West

Red Dead is an immersive game. Your clothes get dirty or stained with blood, your hair becomes a mess after a while and players need to keep their character and horse fed and healthy and their guns need cleaning too. It’s all about micro-management; these little things that need to be done in order to keep oneself going.

The Frontier Pursuits update has added to that in a whole new way and I feel the best way for me to explain it is to go over what is by far one of my most memorable moments in gaming…


I had set up my camp outside the small town of Rhodes: a quaint southern town in a green meadow with red sand. The entire area is akin to the setting seen in Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained.

I called for my hunting wagon and roamed the meadows, hunting small animals. After a while, I noticed two posses get into a huge fight around town, so to avoid being caught up in the crossfire, I ventured into the nearby bayou at night and hunted gators till my wagon was full.

I returned to camp but not before whipping out my metal detector and collecting some lost valuables lost in the mud of the swamp. In the early hours of the morning, covered in blood and muck, I finally returned to camp and set the materials I had gathered into production and had a warm bowl of stew to give me a buff.


I decided to wash my face and change into a more civilised outfit before riding into town to check if the available bounties were worth my time and they were! I rode out, hunting down these vile degenerates with a righteous fury.

One led me back to the bayou and after a shootout with his gang, I hogtied him, threw him on my horse and returned him to town. The other bounty wasn’t so lucky…or maybe he was depending on your point of view. But he ended up in a ditch with a hole in his belly. (It was an accident, I swear!)

After turning in the bounties, I decided to unwind in the saloon, where I got drunk and got into a fight with some of the locals. After throwing one out of a window, the police arrived and soon a shootout broke out. I ran to the woods and hid until my wanted level faded.

It was early morning now, and I received a notice that my camp needed supplies to continue production. It sent me on a mission that required me to rob the Rhodes general store for some much-needed supply bags. I donned my bandanna and rode into town.

After an intense fistfight with the guards, I stole the supplies, which drew the attention of the cops and I had to bolt out of town. I activated my camp to do a long-distance sale and rode a wagon to the other side of the map where I decided to settle my camp in the open plains near the upcoming town of Blackwater, where a well-known feeding ground for Bison is found…so I set forth to do it all over again.


It’s moments like these that create Red Dead’s online experience. It truly is the cowboy simulator and if these roles are evident of what’s to come then the future really is looking as bright as high noon for this game.

However, there is one major flaw in all of this and it has affected a lot of players, including myself. The servers are terrible. Disconnection issues are common and really spoil the fun.

There was a time where I couldn’t even turn in a bounty without being kicked to the main screen. It seems to have gotten less frequent over the past few days but my friend still gets disconnected constantly and other players have reported the same.

Another bug sees player camps refusing to spawn no matter how many times it is activated. This is beyond frustrating and has led to the creation of memes. Hopefully, Rockstar sorts these issues out because this update is a lot of fun and it’s a shame that players need to deal with these things. In fact, they shouldn’t have to at all.

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