Fortnite Season X: Overtime Skins Overview

A look at the Fortnite Overtime Skins

Fortnite’s Season X was received with mixed feedback from its players. It was one of the weaker seasons compared to older ones but with the rumours of an entirely new map dropping with the launch of the hotly-anticipated Season Eleven, players are excited to see how it all goes down this Sunday with the seasonal end event.

But before they can see that, there are some extra things to earn with the Overtime Challenges and as always these include variants for some of the season’s battlepass skins. These are always a great addition to the game, especially near each season’s ending to give players incentive to login after they have grinded it all out.

With “The End” event taking place on Sunday, I just hope Fortnite’s servers are able to handle it as these events normally see a lot of players login at once. But I digress, let’s look at the skins!



The famous DJ that takes his inspiration from the iconic duo Daft Punk is getting an overtime skin. It makes a lot of sense and as it is an eye-catching skin. It’s really just a colour variation but it actually suits him more than his vanilla colours, or maybe that’s just me. This colour scheme is my favourite and it can be applied to all of his outfit styles. There’s something about black and gold that just go so well together.


Sparkle Supreme

A lot of players like this skin but, personally, I’m not really bothered by her. This variant adds a silver colour to her and makes her look even more flashy than her vanilla styles do. For players that like this character, the addition of an extra style option is always welcomed, as with all characters. Although I don’t see the appeal of this character, I can still appreciate the effort Epic Games puts into adding new ways to customise all their characters.


Eternal Voyager & Gameplan

The skeleton Astronaut is also getting a new colour option painting him (and his back bling) in a red and gold. This colour scheme makes the character look more menacing and can be applied to all of his different styles and looks really good with his unmasked skull. He’s like a Fortnite Space Ghost Rider!

It’ll be interesting to see what kind of skins and items the next season offers. Hopefully, Epic Games has something big and fresh under their sleeve for the next chapter in the Fortnite saga.