PlayStation 5 Launch Window Revealed Along With Official Name and New Dualshock Controller

Sony has revealed new details about the upcoming PlayStation 5, including its release window.

While we may still be in the current generation of consoles, both Microsoft and Sony are already preparing for the next. Although Microsoft has been quite forthcoming with information about the upcoming Project Scarlett, not all that much was known about Sony’s next console…until now. Wired got to sit down with PlayStation system architect, Mark Cerny to discuss certain aspects of the next console, in which some new and interesting details about the PlayStation 5 were revealed, such as the console’s release window, details on the next dualshock controller, and how the system will deal with downloading games.

Probably, the most important bit of info dropped was that the next console will be released towards the end of 2020, along with the confirmation that the next console will be called the PlayStation 5. Cerny also spoke about how ray-tracing will work with the new system. Ray-tracing won’t be a software-level fix but instead “acceleration in the GPU hardware.” He also commented on how they are changing the way that players download games. Instead of just downloading games as one big chunk of data, players can now choose what they want installed or deleted.

“Rather than treating games like a big block of data, we’re allowing finer-grained access to the data.” This means if a player wants to install just a game’s multiplayer campaign, they can leave out the single-player campaign completely or install the whole thing and delete the single-player campaign afterwards. This is some great news for PS4 owners who have been struggling with hard drive space.

There was also some talk about the new dualshock that will accompany the system. Sony aims to create a more immersive experience with the controller by replacing the classic rumble technology with haptic feedback and “adaptive triggers.” “One of our goals with the next generation is to deepen the feeling of immersion when you play games,” Jim Ryan, President and CEO of SIE stated in a PlayStation Blog post, “and we had the opportunity with our new controller to reimagine how sense of touch can add to that immersion.”

With all this news, it’s safe to say some rumors and leaks may finally be put to rest. We will probably hear more about the console next year but Sony is sure to drop more info along the way.