Fallout Legacy Collection Is Confirmed But Will Have A Limited Release

Fallout Legacy will release on PC on 25 October only in the UK and Germany.

It seems that Bethesda’s Fallout Legacy Collection is indeed real and will include all mainline Fallout games in one package. Bethesda confirmed the upcoming title, which was recently leaked by a listing on Amazon Germany. Although some may welcome the news, there is a slight hiccup when it comes to acquiring this collection. The game will release on 25 October for PC but it will only be available in the UK and Germany.

This news was confirmed by Bethesda when they answered a tweet from a user. “Fallout Legacy will release in UK and Germany only.” This news may dishearten some fans but this could be a limited release for now, and may be extended in the future. The collection will also be for PC only, despite rumors suggesting that it will be coming to consoles as well.

The collection will bring together six Fallout games with some of them being definitive editions, meaning that they will include all the games’ DLC. This isn’t the first time that Bethesda has released a Fallout collection, but the last didn’t include Fallout 4. This collection doesn’t include the multiplayer installment Fallout 76 or the free-to-play Fallout Shelter. Although some fans will have already bought most of these titles, for newcomers it’s quite a deal with easily over 300 hours of gameplay at your disposal.

Although Fallout may have lost its luster in the eyes of some fans after the poor release of Fallout 76, the series does really promise some of the best open-world RPG experiences in gaming. The collection will also give players a chance to see how the Fallout series has evolved and developed over time. The Fallout Legacy Collection releases on 25 October for PC in the UK and Germany.

Will you be picking up the Fallout Legacy Collection?