Plants Vs Zombies: Battle For Neighborville Week 4 Impressions

A quick look at Week 4 of the new Plants vs Zombies Battle For Neighborville update.

Battle for Neighborville’s week four content drop added weekly event modes as well as a new PvE region for the plants to explore and get some questing done. There’s a lot to say about the new PvE region but first, let’s look at the concept of weekly events.

Weekly Events

It isn’t uncommon for games to have weekly events these days. Every publisher and developer is adopting the ‘season approach’ to keep engagement levels in their games for longer periods of time. Weekly events is a great addition to the game.

Each week, there will be something new to mess around with. This week’s event was the Reinforcements Mode; a standard Team Vanquish but only with the six new characters to the game. It was a good opportunity to take players out of their comfort zone with previous characters from the older games and have them dabble with the newer characters.

After a few rounds, my friend and I found ourselves not only learning how to play with the new characters but actually liking them. The idea of weekly events really excites me and I’m eager to see what next week brings.

Pvz new.jpg

Mount Steep

Battle for Neighborville hit the nail on the head with their inclusion of PvE regions players are able to explore to find secrets. Players got to explore Town Center, a modern quaint town setting in Week One while the Weirding Woods, a dangerous forest region for the Zombies was added later.

I really like this idea of PvE regions and I really hope they add more after the game’s launch. I must say though, Mount Steep, the western desert-inspired region for the Plants, is by far my favourite. From the little cowboy town to the cowboy music and the rock arid canyons, this region is a ton of fun.

The town is constantly under siege and there’s even a cheese factory with pumps that spew hot cheese which hurts players. My friend and I already found a secret hidden in the map and the quests are fun. There’s a lot of cowboy-themed cosmetics to earn and because the map is so enjoyable, I really don’t mind that grind.

Mount steep 3.jpg

I really hope Battle for Neighborville adds more of these regions post-launch as this really feels like the highlight of the game.

Battle for Neighborville’s Founders Edition is available now.