New Fortnite Skins Have Been Leaked

New Fortnite characters have been datamined from the new update.

As with every update to the game, dataminers have uncovered new characters that are soon to be seen in Fortnite’s item shop. It seems that with each update the characters in the world of Fortnite get more and more elaborate. This leak also revealed this season’s hidden character that players will have to grind to unlock. So, without further ado, here are the leaked skins from the most recent content update.


“Get amped”

This is an interesting looking skin. It looks like pure electricity in human form wearing a tactical outfit with a gas mask and a car battery attached to his chest. This skin looks wild and is a good start to the new leaked characters. Though compared to some of the others, he doesn’t look as crazy.



“It’s time to say goodnight”

I feel like this character’s caption is directed to Fortnite’s younger playerbase on weeknights. This is by far one of the craziest characters to come out of a leak. I’m not even sure how to describe this thing. Is it a bed? A blanket? A star in a blanket? I don’t know as my brain can’t fathom it. There are two variants of this character so expect it to be pricy.



“Bold trendsetter with a sour twist”

Keeping in the theme of dancing and music, this character is similar to what we’ve seen countless times in the item shop though she has better hair than most other Fortnite characters. For those who love the music-themed characters, she would make a fine addition to their collection.


PJ Pepperoni

“Cozy combat fresh to your door”

This is a reskin of sorts. A few seasons ago, there was a character dressed in the Durr Burger onesie but now it seems the restaurant feud continues with the addition of this character in the Tomato Head-themed onesie. A little plain compared to the other characters but I can see the appeal.


Toxic Tagger

“The world is your canvas, leave your mark”

Probably one of the cooler looking skins, this character looks like he belongs in the middle of a riot. His gas mask and hood gives him that anarchist look and his bandolier of spray paint cans just add to his overall hooligan look. I can imagine a lot of players will grab this character when he arrives in the shop.



“It’s time to strike back”

By far the best looking character from the leak! This character just screams awesome from her hairstyle to her overall look. She looks like a badass, which is all that is needed for a good Fortnite skin. She is currently in the item shop at the time of writing, so if players want her they should grab her right away.


The Scientist

The hidden skin this season is a reskin of the first hidden character but this time in a bulky more menacing version of the Visitor (the original hidden skin). Dubbed ‘The Scientist’, this character looks mean and any player who has the battlepass can unlock him by completing this season’s missions.


With this season drawing to a close, it’ll be interesting to see the next batch of leaks as we draw closer and closer to Halloween (which is what I’m personally saving my V-bucks for.) Are you grabbing these or are you also saving for Halloween?