New McFarlane Toys Reveals Showcased

A look at some of the new upcoming McFarlane Toys action figure releases.

It’s clear that McFarlane Toys has been killing it since they overhauled their articulation scheme, which kicked in with their Fortnite figures. While that line is going strong just shy of a year after its initial debut, McFarlane Toys has implemented the same articulation scheme to some of their other licenses.

It seems the powers that be noticed all of this which is why McFarlane Toys will soon start producing figures based on DC Comics characters in the near future. But before all that, they recently put up new product shots of what they have in store for us for the rest of this year as well as early next year.

Mortal Kombat


Everyone’s favourite cold as ice ninja looks good as a McFarlane figure. This is the latest Mortal Kombat 11 variant (though I really do hope they do a classic variant too). Sub-Zero comes with a stand (a staple of all McFarlane 7 inch figures), two ice axes and a really cool looking frozen skull and spine. The figure looks amazingly detailed and will boast up to twenty-two moving parts. This figure is set to be released on 18 October.

Sub zero.jpg


The iconic duo is completed with the addition of Scorpion. This figure looks absolutely amazing! He looks like the MK 11 variant and comes with two swords, a spear and twenty-two moving parts. Both these figures are available for pre-order on Amazon right now and set for release next month.




Two Variants of The Ice King

As always, there are new figures in store for the Fortnite line; this time coming in the form of The Ice King, the Season 7 Tier 100 skin. First up is the normal 7-inch version. He is actually already available on Amazon as of writing. He comes with the same ultra articulation scheme as previous Fortnite figures as well as the infamous Infinity Blade as well as the Ice Sceptre pickaxe. The figure looks really good, though I am weary of his head articulation with that hood over his head.

Ice King.jpg

Then, comes the 11-inch Yellow variant of Ice King. This figure looks amazing with an Infinity sword as well as twenty-two moving parts. That’s insane and it’s available right now on Amazon! Look at how majestic it is below.

11 inch king.jpg

Fireworks Team Leader, Warpaint & Trolley Three Pack

Not much is known about this three-pack but many were wondering how they would sell the trolley and how it’ll work because let’s be honest, people can find little trolleys anywhere.

But McFarlane was clever to bundle the vehicle with two characters, being Warpaint and Fireworks Team Leader, a variant of their first Fortnite figure, Cuddle Team Leader. It looks like she comes with a Scar assault rifle and Warpaint comes with the iconic tactical shotgun. This image is all we have to go on.

War Paint.jpg

Are you excited about these releases? Let us know!