Fire Emblem: Three Houses Update Adds DLC, New Mode And Removes Controversial Byleth Voice Actor

The new Fire Emblem: Three Houses update has added the game’s Wave 2 DLC features to the title.

This week, an update for Fire Emblem: Three Houses went live, which added a host of new features to the acclaimed Nintendo Switch strategy game, including all those expected with the game’s Wave 2 DLC package.

In the title’s Wave 2 DLC update, players can expect to get access to new five additional auxiliary battles, new background music for those auxiliary battles, along with four valuable items with stat boosts. The update will also introduce new customisable options for students with a new attire for students, and a pair of glasses for Byleth to don.

The update also replaced Byleth male voice actor Chris Niosi with Zach Aguilar. The decision to replace Niosi came after allegations of abuse were lodged against the voice actor, which he later admitted to. Adding to these allegations, Niosi also broke his NDA with Intelligent Systems.

Nintendo also took this opportunity to announce that the game’s long-awaited Maddening Mode has gone live. This new difficulty mode is free to everyone and is sure to satisfy hardcore of fans looking for a challenge. Those who finish the game on this difficulty level without carrying over any previous save data will be rewarded with a title screen change. 

This new update is this one of many as Intelligent Systems has said that they will be keeping the game alive with following release. Overall, the game has been well-received since launch, and hopefully the update will just add to the gaming experience. Fire Emblem: Three Houses is available now for the Nintendo Switch.