Pokemon Masters Earns US$26 Million In Its First Week

Pokemon Masters earned $26 million in its opening week.

The Pokemon Company has supposedly been raking in huge earnings in the mobile market with their latest offering, Pokemon Masters. The game has only been available for a week and has already pulled in impressive numbers for a mobile game. According to Sensor Tower, the title has allegedly brought in over $25 million in revenue, which puts it above recent mobile Pokemon games with regards to first week revenue comparisons. 

The game’s performance was still far behind Pokemon Go though (which brought in a whopping $56 million), but far above its third place rival Pokemon Quest, which only made a measly $3 million in revenue during its first week. In fourth place, sits Pokemon Magikarp Jump with $1 million, and Pokemon Rumble Rush is in fifth with $300 000. 

This success helped Pokemon Masters climb into the top 10 grossing mobile games for the week, where it reached number 9 on the list. Sensor Tower also provided some interesting information regarding which region brings in the most revenue. Unsurprisingly, the majority of revenue comes from Japan, which accounted for over 60% of the figure, while the United States accounted for about 17%.

The game also recently celebrated reaching 10 million downloads along with its first live event. The big question now is whether the game will be able to keep players interested and build on its impressive start. The Pokemon Company has stated that new features will be added every month, so it does seem promising.

The success of Pokemon Masters has shown that there is a market for Pokemon mobile games. Along with Pokemon Go, the Pokemon Company is sure to be happy with the performance of their mobile games.

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