Overwatch Officially Announced For Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has confirmed that Overwatch will be released on the Switch on 15 October.

After many leaks and rumors, Nintendo has officially announced that Blizzard’s hit FPS title, Overwatch, will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo confirmed as much in their latest Nintendo Direct, which also revealed a trailer showing off gameplay. The title will be available on 15 October.

Although the news may come as a shock to some, the game was heavily rumoured to be making it way to the Switch. Rumours increased after an Amazon listing for an Overwatch-themed Nintendo Switch case surfaced some weeks ago. Overwatch will join a long list of third-party ports available on the system, which includes Blizzard’s Diablo III.

This version of Overwatch will have some system-exclusive features, such as motion controls for certain attacks. Although the game will be getting a physical release, players will always be required to download it to play. The title will also be bundled with a three-month subscription for Nintendo Switch Online.

Overwatch will be one of the few premier FPS titles available on the Nintendo Switch as there aren’t too many AAA games of that genre on the system. If the release is anything like that of Fortnite on Switch, the game should appeal more to casual players than those aiming for eSports honours.

Overwatch making its way to the Nintendo Switch is a huge deal for fans of both the game and the system. The title will also introduce new players to the exciting experience and is sure to see a rise in player numbers.