LCG Entertainment Purchase Rights To Some Remaining Telltale Games Franchises

LCG Entertainment is planning on reviving Telltale Games after purchasing many of the studio’s remaining available properties.

Telltale Games, which went through a very public closure and was declared dead last year, is now seemingly being revived in some form after its assets were bought out by holding company LCG Entertainment. While LCG Entertainment will be selling some of Telltale’s back catalogue of games, they will also be working on new games based on the former development studio’s properties in future.

The “new” Telltale Games will be headed by Jamie Ottilie and Brian Waddle along with investors and advisers, such as Chris Kingsley (Rebellion), Lyle Hall (Heavy Iron Studios), and Athlon Games. Although Ottilie and Waddle weren’t part of the previous studio, they claim to be very committed to the company. LCG Entertainment is also allegedly planning to offer original Telltale Games staff freelance roles, with the possibility of permanent positions in the future.

Ottilie and Waddle confirmed that they the rights to Telltale’s former properties, such as The Wolf Among Us and Batman, and Puzzle Agent, and are also looking at some of the other properties now available to them through the acquisition. “There are some other expired licenses that we’re looking at. We’re still evaluating, but we definitely want to continue some of the stories.” This means fans could possibly look forward to some sequels in future.

It must be noted though; The Walking Dead won’t return through LCG Entertainment as the license is owned by Skybound, while the rights to the Stranger Things game have reverted back to Netflix. Minecraft, Game of Thrones, and Guardians of the Galaxy sequels seem to be still up in the air.

It not every day you see a video game company come back from the dead as quickly as Telltale Games. It seems that LCG Entertainment is committed to helping the studio rise to acclaim once again.