Aladdin And The Lion King Are Being Remastered For Modern Consoles And PC

The classic Aladdin and Lion King 16-bit platformers will be getting rereleased with updated graphics and other new features.

During GameStop Con, it was announced that two classic Disney video games from the 16-bit era will be making a return; Aladdin and The Lion King. Publisher Nighthawk Interactive and developer Digital Eclipse have confirmed that they will be bundling these two retro games in a single package called the Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King, which will release on PlayStation 4, the Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One sometime later this year.

According to Nighthawk Interactive, both of the games will feature upscaled graphics for HD displays with additional upgrades to enhance playability. These upgrades will include save states and also a rewind feature, which will allow players to go back 15 seconds to fix a mistake. The game will also include features such as level select, an invulnerability mode, and infinite lives. Probably the most exciting additional feature is that of a mode called “Interactive Game Viewer” through which players are able to watch full playthroughs of the game, and jump in and start playing at any point in time.

Nighthawk Interactive has also stated that the collection will also include different versions of each game, including that of the Sega Genesis, Game Boy, Super Game Boy and Super NES releases. One notable absence is Capcom’s Aladdin Super NES version. Despite this absence, the collection will feature a new final cut of Aladdin as well as the title’s 1993 trade show demo version.

This is great news for fans of these games as they are hailed as some of the toughest platformers of the 16-bit era. The new additions to the game definitely makes it more enticing for new players who want to enjoy these games. There is no denying that this is another release riding the nostalgia wave.

Will you be picking up this classic Disney collection?