Rocksteady and Mark Hamill Share Messages for Batman: Arkham Asylum 10th Anniversary

Rocksteady Studios took to Twitter to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Batman Arkham Asylum.

Batman: Arkham Asylum was released on 25 August 2009, which makes one of the most popular superhero franchises 10 years old. To celebrate this occasion, Rocksteady Studios took to Twitter to deliver a message to their fans. It thanked fans “who ventured into the Asylum” and “for being the Batman.” Rocksteady was not the only party to thank fans for playing the game though as famed Joker voice actor Mark Hamill did so too.

The video game saw Mark Hamill, who had virtually become the voice of the Joker after his performance in the famous 1990s Batman animated series, return to the role for the first time in many years. Hamill said that “it felt fantastic” to return as the “crazy clown car again for the 1st time since the animated series.” He also spoke how the video game was free from “TV censors” and allowed writers to explore a different “more complex version of the character.” 

Rocksteady produced three acclaimed Batman games between 2009 and 2015, and some years later, fans still show great appreciation for these titles. Batman Arkham Asylum is widely-regarded as one of the best superhero games ever made and changed combat in action games forever. Batman: Arkham City expanded the game by adding an open-world and pushed the genre to places it had never been before. While Batman: Arkham Knight may not be perfect, it was still ended the trilogy on a high note.

The public message from Rocksteady Studios was quite unexpected as the studio has been quite silent in recent years. While the Batman Arkham series put them on the map, the studio hasn’t released anything since then, and have supposedly been hard at work on an unannounced game.

There have been many rumors to what this game may be but only time will tell what the holds for Rocksteady Studios and any future Batman games.

What are some of your fond memories with the Arkham series?