New Shovel Knight Game Announced

Yacht Club Games has announced another entry into the Shovel Knight franchise called Shovel Knight Dig.

Indie developers Yacht Club Games and Nitrome have announced a brand new Shovel Knight game called Shovel Knight Dig with a trailer. Though there’s no word on a release date, Yacht Club Games have announced that the game will be playable at PAX West on the Nintendo Switch from 30 August to 2 September.

The synopsis of the game reads as “When Drill Knight and his dastardly crew blast apart Shovel Knight’s peaceful campsite and steal his loot, he grabs his trusty Shovel Blade and starts tunneling after them.” Info released on the game also suggests that players will meet new friends, travel to new lands, and fight new foes in this new adventure. It has also been stated that the title will have glorious high color pixel graphics and sound and will have procedurally-generated levels making each adventure different.

Yacht Club Games also made a few other announcement regarding the Shovel Knight series. They announced that Shovel Knight: King of Cards, Shovel Knight Showdown, and that the physical edition of Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove will launch this December, although no exact date was provided.

This news comes as a great surprise but is surely welcomed by Shovel Knight fans. The indie game was a huge hit and is regarded as one of the best platformers in recent memory.  If Shovel Knight Dig is anything like its predecessor, it is going to be a standout title.