New Fortnite Skins Leaked

Fortnite leaks reveal new skins as well as the possible appearance of a familiar scary clown.

Another update dropped for Fortnite recently and as always, the dataminers had a ball going through all the files and checking out the upcoming skins and items coming to the game’s item shop. There wasn’t as much as last time but there are some interesting things to go over. Especially, some renders that seem to hint at a certain clown from an upcoming horror movie…

Fortnite x Mayhem

First up, is the Borderlands crossover event that is currently live right now. Borderlands 3 is an Epic Store exclusive upon launch, which has created some controversy. 2K now seems to be using Fortnite as a means to hype up their game even more (if that is possible). The update saw a section of the ever-changing Fortnite Battle Royale Map getting a section that not only looks like the shanty town of Pandora, but the game’s art style actually changes into Borderlands’ iconic comic book aesthetic when players cross the threshold into the Pandora section.

In addition to the map change, the iconic Psycho from Borderlands’ Cover art has found his way into the Fortnite Item Shop. He comes in a bundle that includes him, a talking and animated Claptrap as a pet/‘backbling’, as well as a Borderlands-themed harvesting tool. This bundle will set players back by 2000 V-Bucks, so it isn’t cheap.

Borderlands Fortnite.png

There is also a limited-time event which will let players earn some Borderlands-themed rewards, such as a weapon skin and some spray paints for those who like leaving their mark around the map. The Borderlands event ends on 10 September.


“Loom over the competition”

Vulture is one of the leaked skins and he is by far my favourite of the bunch. To me he kind of looks like a hooded Crossbones from the Marvel Universe. He is an ‘Epic’ rarity skin and might be quite heavy on the V-Bucks.



“Journey beyond the edge of the sky”

This character seems to have a lot in common with the extremely rare Skystalker skin, except this version has a futuristic-looking mask. To be honest, the original version looks better but I can see the appeal OF this version of the character. Aeronaut is a ‘Rare’ skin.



“Make an impact”

Sticking with the militant theme, Sledge looks like a juggernaut or some sort of bomb diffuser. He looks mean and tactical and it’s always nice to see these mean-looking soldier looking characters dressed in tactical gear translated into Fortnite’s cartoon style. He is also a ‘Rare’ skin, so expect a price point over 1000 V-Bucks.


Hard Charger

“Gassed up and ready to ride…”

A skin of “Common” rarity, Hard Charger would probably set players back by 800 V-Bucks. He looks like he stays true to the theme of the other characters but he doesn’t look as elaborate as them, which is understandable given his rarity rating.

Hard Charger.jpg

About that Clown…

It wouldn’t be the first R-Rated movie to team up with Fortnite. Some audio files that sound exactly like the scary clown’s sinister laugh as well as a render for a balloon dubbed ‘creepy balloon’ has been found by various Fortnite Leakers. This should be taken with a grain of salt but I’ll provide a link below to some of the leaks courtesy of leaker, @HYPEX so readers can come to their own conclusion.


What do you think about the new leaks? Anything you’re willing to throw some of your hard-earned V-Bucks at? Let us know!