Latest Last of Us II Rumors Indicate That Sony Has Big Plans For The Game

If these rumors hold true, Sony might use The Last of Us II’s improvements as a tool to showcase its next-gen console.

The successor of the highly-acclaimed, commercial smash The Last of Us may be being prepared for its time in the spotlight come the reveal of Sony’s upcoming PlayStation console.

According to a rumor originating from Reddit user TheTom8, The Last of Us II is going to be Naughty Dog’s biggest game yet, and it’ll play a crucial part in the PlayStation 5’s reveal. TheTom8 reveals that he’s been told, the game will be visually stunning. Over time, Naughty Dog’s meticulousness and care for the game will reflect in a very realistic-looking game that’ll feature dynamic lighting and extremely complex facial expressions.


The Reddit user adds that cutscenes transition almost seamlessly into gameplay, in such a manner that makes it difficult to pinpoint an exact moment during which the transition occurred. Apparently, the impressive graphics and realism of the visuals are elements of the game that Sony plans to use to showcase the raw power of the PlayStation 5.

It is worth noting, however, that TheTom8 himself mentions that he received this information from secondary sources, and, as such, suggests that the information be absorbed with a grain of salt.

Since its initial gameplay reveal at E3 2018, the game has been flying under the radar. A few bits of info pop out here and there, but neither Naughty Dog nor Sony have revealed much since. Hopefully, this will soon change. Earlier this week, just ahead of Pax West, attendees of the Gamespot managers conference feasted their eyes on some The Last of Us II gameplay footage. According to Gamespot, a Twitter user who attended the conference revealed that the nibble of gameplay showing a new gameplay mechanic (of how Clickers can be strategically used by the player) will be released soon.

The Last of Us II is still presumed to be coming to the PlayStation 4 before the launch of the PlayStation 5. No official date or release window for the game has been revealed to the public; so, we’ll just have to wait and see.