Metro 2033 Film Adaptation in the Works

The upcoming Metro 2033 adaptation is slated to release on 1 January 2022.

Nowadays, it seems that almost every video game is getting a film adaptation. Although originally based on a book series, it seems that the post-apocalyptic world of Metro 2033 is next in line. Variety has reported that Gazprom Media, which is a Russian media holding, will be producing a film based on the first novel in Dmitry Glukhovsky’s series. Although many are more familiar with the video game adaptation of Metro 2033, it seems this film will take from the book and not the video games.

Gazprom Media will have exclusive rights to the to make the film, which is scheduled to release on 1 January 2022. Filming is scheduled to begin some time next year. Producer Valery Fedorovich said that this is a dream project and one of the most ambitious film projects they’ve ever worked on. So far, there’s only news of a Russian premier but Gazprom Media has said that they are planning to promote the film both in Russia and abroad. 

This also isn’t the first time that Metro 2033 film adaption has been announced. US film production group, MGM, previously planned to create an adaptation. However, film rights eventually reverted back to the author at end of 2018, after problems with the script.

When Glukhovsky regained the rights to the film, he began working with other producers to make it.  “Metro 2033 is my first novel. It played a very special role in my life, and despite getting numerous offers to [adapt it for the screen], I turned them all down for over 10 years,” the author said. For those who don’t know, Glukhovsky’s Metro 2033 is set in a post-apocalyptic Russia, where a nuclear war has forced people to live underground in the metro tunnels under Moscow.

The film’s announcement comes as quite a surprise but considering there’s a Witcher series in the coming (which itself is based on Polish book series), the announcement was probably inevitable. Many book and video game series lovers are probably very happy about that a film is in development.

Are excited about about a Metro 2033 film and have you read the novel?