Uncharted Film Loses Its Director

Sony has announced that director Dan Trachtenberg has left the Uncharted film.

When it comes to producing films, there are always problems behind the scenes, and sometimes those problems land up being more interesting than the film itself. The latest film reported to be experiencing some production issues is Sony’s Uncharted (and not for the first time.)

According to recent reports, Dan Trachtenberg, the planned director of the upcoming Uncharted film, has left the project. Discussions already seem to be underway to find someone to replace him and sources suggest that Sony will have a new director in charge of the film by the end of the year. Spider-Man star Tom Holland is still on board to play protagonist Nathan Drake. The reason for Trachtenberg departure is still a mystery.

As of writing, there’s still no word on who will fill the role or who Sony is eyeing for the project. This recent news just adds to Sony’s decade long-struggle to make this film happen with Trachtenberg being the fifth director to leave the project.

Sony has big plans for the film as its suppose to be the first project released under Sony’s new PlayStation Productions studio, which was created to adapt the media giant’s video games into films and TV Series. Though it’s rumored that the group is working on other productions, such as a Twisted Metal series, the Uncharted film is the first known project under the PlayStation Productions group.

Though this news may have halted production on the film, Sony still has a planned release date of 18 December 2020. Whoever Sony finds to replace Trachtenberg will have to be up to the difficult task of adapting this popular video game series into a good film.

What do you think about Trachtenberg’s departure?