New Need For Speed Heat Gameplay Revealed; It Also Won’t Include Loot Boxes

EA showed off new gameplay footage of Need for Speed Heat at Gamescom 2019.

EA recently revealed the latest entry in the Need for Speed franchise: Need for Speed Heat. Details about the game have been quite scarce, with initially only a short trailer giving fans a glimpse at the game. However, at Gamescom 2019, EA took the opportunity to show off some gameplay of the latest entry.

Based in the fictional town of Palm City, Heat will see players driving around day and night, with the style of racing changing depending on the time of the day. During daytime hours, players will compete in sanctioned races in a competition known as Speedhunters Showdown. Here they’ll earn rewards to tweak cars for nighttime races. 

When its dark, players will compete in illicit street races where they’ll earn rep but also raise the level of their heat. They also announced the return of cops who will be vigilant during the day and more aggressive at night. While the customisation options seem to be more varied, the fear of loot boxes in the game can be quelled as a developer has confirmed that the game won’t have any. (Bear in mind; although the game won’t feature loot boxes, it doesn’t mean that it won’t be monetised in some way.)

The game will also do away with the class system seen in Payback and will allow players to tune any vehicle for speed or drifting. Online also seems to have changed as the game will have an online mode but players won’t be required to connected all the time as in previous games.

Heat seems to be changing the franchise for the good. Although the day and night feature seems like it is going to be something fans either love or hate, it is an interesting approach. All players can do now is just wait and see. Need for Speed Heat will release on 8 November for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. 

What do you think of Need for Speed Heat’s gameplay footage?