New McFarlane Fortnite Figure Reveals

Have you seen some of the new Fortnite figures McFarlane Toys are planning?

Since McFarlane Toys got their hands on the Fortnite license, they have revolutionised how they design action figures with more articulation, which was met with praise from collectors. It is no surprise that McFarlane Toys has a slew of new figures coming to the collection and these look really interesting. It’s good to see that the line is healthy and the toys just keep coming. The partnership between McFarlane Toys and Epic Games is clearly lucrative to both parties and the characters are so varied, collectors are going crazy over the line. And here’s more to go crazy over…


He peels. He smiles. But most importantly…he murders. Everyone’s favourite smiley murderous Banana Boy is getting the action figure treatment in McFarlane’s 7inch style. Lots of collectors want a couple dozen of these to build their own army of Murderous Bananas.

It is one of Fortnite’s craziest characters and he looks like a crazy figure. Other than his stand, which is a staple of all McFarlane figures, he comes with the Hunting Rifle, Machete Pickaxe and a bamboo backpack.


Red Strike

This one is a little special because not only is it included in the latest Starter Pack for the game but this figure was announced alongside the release of the character in-game. Red Strike comes with a Suppressed Assault Rifle, Bladed Bag backpack and Red Streak Harvesting Tool.


Now, this is when things get a little interesting, these pictures were uploaded by European Toy sites, one is of a prototype figure while the others are in-game character art as well as some names of characters with no images at all. Take a gander below.



Hybrid (Stage 3)


Beastmode Jackal


Beastmode Rhino


The Ice King (Witch King)

Witch King.jpg

Fireworks Team Leader






Frostwing and Lavawing


Lava wing

Take these last few characters with a grain of salt though as these were just random listings from third party sources. However, Peely was also included in these leaks and now has suddenly appeared on McFarlane’s website, so maybe that is a sign that these characters are indeed in the pipeline. If so, McFarlane’s Fortnite line has some exciting times ahead of it!