New Fortnite Skins Leaked

A very quick look at some of the recently leaked Fortnite skins.

Whether you like Fortnite or not, there’s no denying that their character designs are really good. From simple soldier-looking characters to elaborate Dragon Ninjas and seasonal Christmas and Halloween characters, Fortnite has some cool designs. So, it’s no surprise that with every major content update, fans data mine the game’s files to see what’s coming to the item shop in the near and sometimes distant future. So, start saving your V-Bucks because as always these characters not only look cool but some make a nod to pop culture.

Shot Caller

“It’s your move. Take Your shot…”

This is one of the more simple skins. He looks like he could be part of a gang but he has a strong urban look to him. For some reason, it reminds me of parkour runners. This skin is labeled as ‘rare’. So expect a price to be somewhere in-between 1000 and 1500 V-Bucks.



“Master of harmonious victory.”

A skin I’m very fond of is SHIFU, mostly because he looks like the Sensei from the Kill Bill movies. He also looks really cool in the iconic Fortnite art style. For players who like anime or kung fu-inspired characters, in general, this character may appeal to them too. He is a ‘Rare’ skin as well. Who can say no to those eyebrows and that beard, though?



“Never outfoxed.”

My favourite skin is Dire, the tier 100 skin from Season 6, and this character feels like a call back to that but in the form of a humanoid, militant fox. Fennix looks like something out of The Biker Mice, which is probably why he appeals to me so much. He is also a ‘Rare’ skin. Seems like the furries are invading Fortnite.



“Follow the beat, secure the win”

Keeping in the urban futuristic theme, Freestyle stands out with her flashy jacket, edgy makeup and comes with an alternate colour, making her an “Epic Skin”. This also makes her a little more expensive than the others on the list. She does look cool though and she can match up with some of the other characters that are already in rotation.


For those players who like collecting the different characters, which skins are you interested in? Let’s hope these are turned into action figures by either McFarlane Toys or Jazzwares in the near future!