Why No Man’s Sky Generates So Much Hype

Here is why No Man’s Sky still generates so much hype despite the game’s rocky launch.

Just as 2001 A Space Odyssey captured the minds of many moviegoers in the late 60’s, so has No Man’s Sky captured the minds of many gamers in today’s age. Despite its rocky launch, the game had a rebirth of sorts last year, when it released its ‘Next’ Update.

Today, the next step in the game’s odyssey came in the form of the highly-anticipated ‘Beyond’ update. No Man’s Sky is infamous for generating a ton of hype but what is it exactly about this game that draws in so much attention? Whenever No Man’s Sky does something, the gaming industry stops and listens for a moment. These could be a few reasons as to why.

Beyond 2.jpg

To Infinity…

The biggest draw to No Man’s Sky is the scope of it. It’s absolutely insane – an infinite universe, which features seamless transitions between planet surface and space. The sheer idea of it alone catches people’s attention. Much like the moviegoers of 2001 A Space Odyssey, the idea of interstellar travel was the talk on everyone’s lips.

The idea of seamless travel between planets (at least within the same solar system) in a video game is something that really takes everyone by surprise. I remember landing on a planet with a friend for the first time and I commented on how nice the moon and stars looked.

He replied with saying that on his side of the planet it was still day time. It felt surreal and I needed a moment to fully grasp how big this game really was. There’s just something about the prospect of exploring space that just hooks people in.

And then comes the base building and discovery aspects of the game, as well as the idea of managing your own intergalactic trading business. No Man’s Sky offers different things for different players, which is probably why it has such a large and dedicated fan base.

Beyond 3.jpg

And Beyond.

From discovery to trading and setting up shop, No Man’s Sky has always been a game about capturing imaginations and expressing creativity. It seems that this new update is bringing a whole bunch of new things for players to further lose themselves in.

Taming and riding animals, expanded multiplayer, VR support and cooking are all being put into the game. I haven’t played it yet but I can’t wait to boot my Xbox on after the update downloads and take in all the changes and tame me some alien cows! Hopefully, their milk isn’t green though (shots fired).

No other game has captured the feeling of entering the orbit of a new planet with friends on either side of you, taking in how pretty it looks, touching down and taking a look at the environment around us as we scan for resources and possible danger.

And to me, that’s what No Man’s Sky is about. It’s all about taking giant leaps with small steps. Here’s to whatever awaits us in the beyond…

No Man’s Sky: Beyond Update is currently live.