NECA Toys Figure Reveals

A quick look at what NECA Toys has up their sleeve.

NECA Toys are well known for their figures based on characters for a more mature audience. A lot of their characters come various horror movies and classic 80s action movies. Every time they post something collectors take a moment to see what it is that they are on about, and judging from their more recent reveals, I’d say it’s time to start saving your money because these figures look like a lot of fun.

Thanks to action figure news outlet, ToyArk, we get to see these figures up close.

Bob Ross

Everyone’s favourite painter gets his own figure and it’s clothed too! Bob Ross comes with his easel, paintbrush and a colour pallet. This figure will appeal to fans of the famed painter and will add some interesting opportunities for photographers. It’s no wonder why so many collectors are excited about this one for different reasons. Check out ToyArk to see more on Bob Ross.

Bob Ross.jpg


S.O.D (Clothed Sgt. D)

I have no idea who this is but he looks too cool not to mention. S.O.D is a character from one of the album covers by metal band S.O.D. This looks like a zombie soldier and that alone makes him look super cool. I’ll leave an image of both the album cover in question and the figure from NECA’s site down below so readers can take a gander.


Aliens vs Predator Figures

There are way too many to go over but what I can say is that one of NECA’s best lines is the Aliens vs Predator figures. The Predators look menacing and the Aliens look downright scary. With good articulation and every evolving character designs, I’m really excited about what they showed.

Everyone is excited that NECA is reviving old Kenner figures based off the IP and giving those old toy designs their modern twist with new articulation and sculpting. Not only are they modernising the old Kenner stuff, but they are also actually redoing some of their own characters in the vintage Kenner style.

This is all very exciting and I’ll be leaving a link to see all the bloody glory that is NECA’s Aliens vs Predator line up close and personal (like it should be) courtesy of ToyArk.