Concept Art of Cancelled Batman Game Leaks

Concept art of a cancelled Batman game featuring Damian Wayne has been leaked.

Back in 2017, there were reports that claimed that Warner Bros. Montreal was working on a Batman game starring Bruce Wayne’s son, Damian Wayne. Thereafter, there was no other news released about the game until reports claiming that the game has been cancelled and changed into a different Batman game emerged sometime in 2018. Though WB Montreal never confirmed that the game was in development, it appears that some concept art of the cancelled title has been leaked.

The leak comes from a Twitter user named Coby, who unsurprisingly claims that the images are real. Supposedly, the game wasn’t going to be a continuation of the Arkham series but rather a spin-off. The game was supposed to star Damian Wayne who would face off alternate versions of classic Batman villains. The reason the title was cancelled has not been revealed but it had the codename Project Sabbath.

It seems that this may be true when you see the concept art, which features an alternate-looking Poison Ivy, Gorilla Grodd and Two-Face. There was also some environmental art showing off a different Gotham City. 

It seems that this game was intended to be a much darker version of the Arkham game series. This project is just one of the many rumored projects that have either been cancelled or rebooted at WB Montreal. There has been many rumours  regarding what the developer could be working on, including a Justice League and Superman game.

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Though it has been confirmed that they are working on two DC Comics-related games. We haven’t seen a release from the studio since 2014 and any content from them since 2015. It’s believed that the team has been struggling with many cancelled projects and development issues for a while.

It’s always great to see concept art of a game that could’ve been great. This has just made many fans more excited about a potential new Batman game. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long to see what WB Montreal has been working on.