Nintendo Working On SNES Controller For Switch

Nintendo files schematics for a wireless SNES controller for the Nintendo Switch with the FCC.

It seems that Nintendo Switch owners may soon have more options when it comes to controllers. A filing with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) shows a preview of what Nintendo has in store for the future. The filing points to Nintendo releasing a SNES controller for the Switch, which hasn’t been announced yet. If this is true, it will add to Nintendo’s other Switch controllers, which currently includes NES controllers too.

While Nintendo has made many announcements regarding the Switch in recent months, including an upcoming updated console with a longer battery life and a handheld-only version called the Switch Lite, they haven’t announced anything to do with controllers. This could change soon with the recent FCC filing

The filing shows that Nintendo uploaded documents for some kind of “Wireless Game Device” for the Switch. It also includes a drawing of the device, which very much resembles a SNES controller, even if there aren’t any specifics. The model number is also quite interesting as it includes the letters HAC, which is Nintendo’s model number for the Switch and its accessories.

While a filing for a controller isn’t big news, it may lead to something in future. This filing could be Nintendo preparing to launch SNES games for Nintendo Switch Online, which would be a huge advantage for subscribers as the service’s offerings have been bare.

They are trying to change this though. Just recently, Nintendo introduced game trials for subscribers, and, earlier this year, they announced a voucher system, which allows for discounts on select games. Although this filing doesn’t mean that Nintendo is seriously considering a new controller, it could actually happen.