Mezco Toys Reveals

A look at some of the exciting figures on Mezco Toys’ roadmap .

Mezco Toys is known for making quality six-inch clothed figures and their brands range from Marvel, DC and even some classic characters. These figures are a little more expensive than the average figure. They usually come with a large assortment of accessories. Recently, they revealed some of their upcoming figures, albeit some are quite a ways away.

Mezco figures are sought after for their detail. But as with all clothed figures, articulation can’t be too crazy. But there’s something about clothed figures that just pop out on the shelf or in a photo. Luckily, they make up for the hindered articulation with a ton of accessories.

Marvel’s Iron Fist

Fan favourite Iron Fist is getting the Mezco figure treatment. The figure looks amazing in his green suit and hands wrapped in bandages. The green and yellow really pops out of the figure and it fits well over his sculpt. The figure comes with a masked and unmasked head, a set of alternate hands, a stand, fire effects (which looks really cool) and a weapon.

Mezco Iron Fist

Morbius (The Living Vampire)

Keeping with the Marvel theme, Mezco is trying their hand at a character that is in desperate need of getting some action figure love. Morbius (The Living Vampire) translates well into a Mezco figure. The detail on his face is a testament to why Mezco is famed for what they do. The pictures were taken by leading Toy News site, Toyark and you can check out the full gallery by following the link.



Mezco revealed characters like Hellboy, Pennywise and even Bluto, the iconic antagonist from the Popeye cartoons to go with their well-received Popeye figure that they previously released.

But there is one reveal that made me stop what I was doing and gawk at my phone screen for a solid ten minutes, savouring all the detail and trying not to lose my mind in public.

Conan is getting the Mezco figure treatment. This figure looks heavily-inspired by the iconic artist Frank Frazetta’s incarnation of the character fitted with scars, bulging muscles and popping veins.

As for clothes, Conan comes with a loincloth. This figure looks amazing but is slated for a 2021 release, which feels like forever away. But I’m sure many fans of the wandering Barbarian are just over the moon that Mezco is tackling this character.

The picture below comes from ToyArk and you can see all the other characters that Mezco had on display via their link.

Mezco Conan.jpg