Rocket League Is Removing Loot Boxes Later This Year

Psyonix says they will be removing loot boxes from Rocket League later this year.

It seems that a huge update is coming to Psyonix’s popular car soccer game, Rocket League. The developer has said that they will be removing loot boxes from the game’s store. This means that all paid, randomised loot boxes, which are known as crates, will be removed from the game.

Psyonix details the reason in a blog post, stating “We are dedicated to creating the best possible experience for our players all over the world.” By replacing the loot boxes, Psyonix will introduce a new system for players to make use of. This system will show the exact items players are buying in advance. It still isn’t clear if the storefront will have individual items or bundles. Although they are removing loot boxes, Psyonix will still be offering the Rocket Pass Premium, DLC cars, and eSports shop items for direct purchase.

Rocket League is not the first game to see loot boxes removed from its store front. Earlier this year, loot boxes were also removed from Fortnite. This is understandable as both properties are essentially owned by Epic Games (Psyonix was purchased by the publisher back in May.)

This is clearly a move to ensure that Epic don’t face any legal ramifications due to the controversies and backlash that loot boxes have been receiving in recent years. The company has been sued in the past for their loot boxes in Fortnite. Although gamers gain quite a lot from the removal of the loot boxes, Epic has also gained some goodwill with fans.

This is certainly a move in the right direction for anyone who hates loot boxes in games. Hopefully, in the future, more publishers will follow Epic’s choice and change the landscape of loot boxes in gaming.