Grandia HD Collection Coming To The Nintendo Switch

The Grandia HD Collection will be available on 16 August on the Nintendo eShop.

The Nintendo Switch will be receiving a few new JRPGS quite soon in the form of the Grandia HD Collection. GungHo Online Entertainment announced on their Twitter page that the Grandia HD Collection will be coming to the Nintendo Switch on 16 August. It’s still unclear what the price will be. No information on the PC version’s release date was revealed either.

GungHo announced the collection was coming to the Switch and PC in August last year. This is the first time we’ve heard anything about the game’s release date since its announcement. The Grandia HD Collection includes HD remasters for both Grandia and Grandia II. This will be the first time that both games will be available with HD graphics. The collection will include an updated UI, texture art, enhanced cinematics, as well as both Japanese and English audio.

GungHo’s Director of Game Publishing Takeshi Minagawa has said that the game won’t be releasing on the PlayStation 4 due to how complex it is to port games over to the console, which probably means that it also won’t be coming to the Xbox One either.

If you’re unsure of what the Grandia games are, they were basically Sega’s answer to PlayStation’s Final Fantasy series. Grandia is a role-playing game series originally developed by Game Arts and was released all the way back in 1997 in Japan on the Sega Saturn. In 1999, the game was released to Western audiences and ported to the PlayStation.

Fans of the JRPG genre will surely be very excited to have a go at the remastered titles. The Grandia games are widely regarded as some of the most important JRPG of all-time and now Nintendo and PC players will be able to revisit them soon.

Are happy the Grandia series is making its way to the Nintendo Switch?