Fortnite Season X: Overview

An overview of the latest season of Fortnite, Season X!

After nine seasons, it is clear that Fortnite has no intention of stopping. The 10th Season, dubbed Season X, has been underway for a week. Although the inclusion of the Mech has caused some controversy and the new structure to challenges has changed the pace of the season, Fortnite is still very much on the minds of many withing the gaming community. With what seems to be weekly map changes and new weapons, Season X promises a lot of excitement. But it is the Battlepass skins that steal the spotlight this season. So here they are, in all of their glory.



In Season 5, a character named Drift entered the game. With his iconic Kitsune mask and anime-like aesthetic, he was immediately loved by many. This season, we get Catalyst who is the female counterpart to Drift. She comes with multiple styles that can be unlocked through challenges and she comes with her very own Kitsune mask. Not to mention a Kitsune pet that can be acquired by levelling up.

X- Lord


This season is all about revisiting and twisting time. This character is a call back to the Season 3 Battlepass character, Rust Lord. But he really does look like he has stepped out of an alternate universe. He comes in various colours and has two styles. His padded jacket style, which looks very urban, and his raider outfit that looks like something out of the Mad Max movies. They don’t call him Lord for nothing…

Tilted Teknique


Teknique was the street artist character from Fortnite’s Season 4. She was a simpler character and a bit bland in comparison to other skins during that season. This revisited version is a lot more elaborate and she comes in different styles as well. This is Tilted Teknique.




A call-back to the Season 6 DJ Yonder, this Llama-inspired Daft Punk character comes back and it really does look like his music career has picked up. He sports a more elaborate design and looks more like a President than anything else. His one style comes with a crown and there is an unmasked version. This is one of the flashier skins this season, and no doubt many players are grinding to get him.

Sparkle Supreme


A call-back to a Season 2 character, Sparkle Specialist, Sparkle Supreme takes the old school character and spins it into something familiar but different. Her flashy styles may even make Yond3r a bit jealous. She is also a much-sought after character for players that missed out on the Season 2 variant.

Eternal Voyager


Inspired by the Season 3 Dark Voyager skin, this spin on the character takes a sinister turn with a robotic mask and a fiery cosmic skeletal unmasked face as a style option. Did someone say Cosmic Ghost Rider?

Ultima Knight


The level 100 skin this season is a spin on the original Black Knight Level 100 skin but this time around the character has undergone a futuristic transformation. The main style looks a lot like Sauron from The Lord of The Rings and I just really hope McFarlane Toys makes figures based off all the versions of this character because they just scream “action figure”, especially since McFarlane turned the original Black Knight into a figure in their first wave.

There are still a ton of other rewards that players can grind for that can be seen below (not to mention some extra V-Bucks, the in-game currency and some sweet dance moves.) This season is only a week old and there is still a lot to get. It’ll be interesting to see where Fortnite goes next, here’s to another ten seasons! Happy Grinding!

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